Monday, 2 May 2016

Melbourne : Dog Lovers Show 2016

The day started, as any other - tucked under mums arm, under the covers.... 
We got up, had some breakfast - chicken necks, yum yum
Mum got dressed, I supervised, and then our hour long drive into the city.

We parked the car.
Headed up the stairs to the exhibition building.
The second we reached the top of the stairs - the squeals of excitement started.

There really is nothing cuter than a tiny sausage - on 7 cm long legs running along side their human, with tail wagging and ears bobbing.

Before we entered - i got a grass (toilet) break - thank goodness, i only have a tiny bladder you know.

The crowd was huge - the noise huge- but i was happy and safe in my back pack :)

We headed over to the @mydachshundonline stand - where we met some amazingly lovely ladies.
We also met Mojo - my doppleganger. 

There were so many people wanting cuddles and pats and buying sausage dog clothes and beds and pillows.

Mum bought me a new jumper and lead and harness. 

Head on over to

 Everyone wanted a cuddle and a photo.
One girl even burst into tears after having her photo taken with me :)
Happy tears - I licked her face.

Before we knew it - it was time to head home.
But seeing as i had done such a good job - we got to do it all again on the Sunday.

Guys if you missed The Dog Lovers Show this year - make sure you check it out Next year - you will not regret it.

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  1. What a lovely report from the dog show, Volli! You are so loved by so many... Really a super star! ✴ Thank you for the info; I feel like I was there with you (and Ollie & Pip too)!!♥